Internship Opportunity 2013-2014

Ponte and Chau Consulting Inc. sponsors internships for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the academic year. Our internships are quite substantive and are opportunities for students to learn and to contribute significantly to the child development and education community.

Ponte & Chau Consulting Inc. is an education and child development consulting company in Massachusetts. We are committed to bringing research and theory driven knowledge into the practical world of education and child development services. We are a group of trained child development specialists who are deeply interested in working with organizations that primarily serve children and youth in educational and out-of-school contexts. Our goal is to bring the newest research regarding teacher training, educational and developmental technologies, culturally sensitive practices, and child-focused learning strategies to organizations and clients to help them further strengthen their services for children, youth, and their families.

Our internship program hosts interns who work either part-time or full-time to "learn the ropes" and become productive quickly. After initial training, interns take responsibility of a project that aligns with their interests. When appropriate and available, we work closely with interns' college or university to arrange for academic or practicum credit.

This year, we offer a variety of internship opportunities to suit the interests and backgrounds of potential candidates. Candidates with training in statistics, computer science, education, and/or child development are especially encouraged to inquire about our internship opportunities.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and responsible student who is a quick learner. Interns might be assigned to different projects depending on their skill set and academic/training needs. Each intern is assigned a internship supervisor and an individual training plan customized to the needs of the intern and of Ponte & Chau Consulting.

Ponte And Chau Consulting, Inc. is located in Belmont, MA. with a satellite office in the San Francisco Bay Area. Candidates are encouraged to inquire about projects available at either locations.

Depending on the qualifications of the candidate and availability of grants and funding, we may offer stipend-supported or credit-only internships. Please contact us for currently available projects.

Please distribute this information to all interested students. We believe that the right student will find the substance of our work very interesting and fulfilling, and it would be a mutually beneficial experience.

To Apply: Please send a resume, a cover letter specifying your interests, and the name and contact information of at least two references (one academic and one work) to Clement Chau,