The Ponte & Chau Approach

Located in Belmont, Massachusetts, Ponte & Chau Consulting Inc. provides a variety of professional services to academic, research, community, and private institutions that work with children, youth, and families domestically and internationally. The company's Early Childhood Education division focuses primary on supporting early education settings in staff training, curriculum development, program evaluation, and improving classroom practices. Our team of educators, education researchers, and master teachers bring years of experience and a deep and broad knowledge of teaching approaches and philosophies to solve problems and improve programs for children. The Adoption & Development division provide support for transracial adoptions and families, with a special emphasis on promoting positive multiethnic identity development.

At Ponte & Chau Consult, our goal is to help your organization reflect upon your practices and improve the knowledge, care, and interaction you provide to families, youth, and children. We have worked with organizations ranging in size from families and neighborhood groups to academic institutions, as well as privately funded projects to state funded programs. Our services are unique from other firms because we take an integrative approach to our work. We strongly believe that best practices in child- and family-centered services come from a combination of three components: a deep understanding of pertinent theories, a dynamic and active reflection of practices, and an appreciation of contemporary research.

With this approach, we can help your organization reflect and improve your research and services. Please see the sidemenu for more information about our services.