Integrating Research, Practice and Theory

Ponte & Chau Consulting Inc. is an education and child development consulting company in Massachusetts. We are committed to bringing research and theory driven knowledge into the practical world of education and child development services. We are a group of trained child development specialists who are deeply interested in working with organizations that primarily serve children and youth in educational and out-of-school contexts. Our goal is to bring the newest research regarding teacher training, educational and developmental technologies, culturally sensitive practices, and child-focused learning strategies to organizations and clients to help them further strengthen their services for children, youth, and their families.

The services we recommend are unique to each client based on a data-driven understanding of the organization or client's particular needs. We have experience serving large organizations such as university departments and research laboratories as well as individual clients and families. Special attention is paid to ensure that solutions are practical, client-driven, and self-sustaining.

Services may be specially tailored to include a one-time consultation or a series of staff training sessions, interactions of observation and feedback, program evaluation, technology and curriculum development, activity camp/sessions for children and youth, organizational manuals, websites, strategic plans, etc. Let us know your needs and we will help you find the best solution.