Clement Chau, Ph.D.

Vice President, Principal Evaluator

Dr. Clement Chau is the cofounder and vice president of Ponte & Chau Consulting, Inc. Clement serves as the lead program evaluator and researcher, offering his expertise to a range of organizations and services such as NAEYC accreditation, program development and evaluation, and curriculum design and assessment. Currently, Clement is also the Director of Learning at Leapfrog and VTech, where he leads a team of subject area learning experts to develop curriculum and product designs for educational toys, learning games, and interactive books.

Before Ponte & Chau, Clement was a lead researcher at the Developmental Technologies Research group at Tufts University, where he worked under Prof. Marina Bers and was a lead designer and researcher in the development of Zora, a 3D virtual environment that has successfully delivered and engaged children in medical education curriculum in hospitals and around issues of citizenship. Clement was also a researcher at the MIT Comparative Media Studies Department where he worked under Prof. Henry Jenkins on the MacArthur Foundation funded New Media Literacies project. Besides working and writing about technology and children, Clement is published in areas including youth civic engagement and positive youth developmenty.

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