Deb Jacobs

Senior Specialist: Adoption & Development

Debra Jacobs provides coaching services to parents, taking a non-judgemental, outcomes-oriented approach. She helps parents of young children create peaceful homes and smooth daily routines, and address issues including sibling rivalry, power struggles, bedtime and morning upsets, tantrums and more. She also supports adoptive parents in fostering their children's healthy identity development, talking with children about adoption, working with teachers and explaining adoption at school, and, for internationally adoptive families, thinking through and preparing for homeland trips.

Debra has nine years of experience as the owner and director of a child care program, working with children ages two to five and their families. Her previous experience includes many years at an educational non-profit where, among many other responsibilities, she ran a teen program and provided life skills coaching to people seeking to enter the work force. Mom to two girls, ages seven and twelve, who were adopted from China, she is also lead editor of From Home to Homeland: What Adoptive Families Need to Know Before Making a Return Trip to China. Debra holds an Education Master's from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.